Reinventing Traditions

About Dramz / THe Concept

True flavor and charm to the city
Unique Heritage

It’s the perfect haven that offers a blend of classic yet trendy whisky experience

About Dramz

Good whisky makes everything taste better, from coversations to food. They are like the melody and harmony of the perfect culinary composition. the golden hue of a single malt and the bouquet of aroma surrounds you and your consciousness in myriad ways. You levitate in a world that is beyond the boundaries of fine dining. When a single malt is paired with the right preparation, dressed impeccably to suit the mood that only rarity can achieve, it spiritualises your palate and gently takes you to a world where tradition is indomitable, where taste is philosophy at work.

At Dramz, we believe that the pairing of food with whisky is a form of art. Our chefs have meticulously regarded the flavour and aroma of every whisky in our collection and created a delectable menu. After all, with the finest whisky only the finest cuisine works.


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