Reinventing Traditions

THe Concept / About Dramz

Single Malt Whisky
Bar & Lounge

Take your spirits to a soaring high with the world’s finest collection

The Concept

Dramz or famously referred to as Dram in Scotland, which literally means a portion of the drink. The world of whisky or whisky is exciting with much diversity and innovation, but can be a daunting and intimidating place.

With so many distilleries in Scotland and around the globe, all distilling different styles of spirit in different ways, it can be easy to get confused. We at Dramz would like to take you for a tour and explore the Whisky from around the world.

Dramz has been conceptualized keeping in mind the environment where a drink is consumed; influenced by core senses along with a blend of color, aroma, and taste. Combined with unique heritage, ambience and impeccable services, Dramz will bring the true flavor and charm to the city.


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